Sticky position

I wanted to make sticky position in Hype. I make which scrollbars of Content Overflow. Into this group I put two group. One of this have class sticky. And if test such construction on mobile I view is unnative behavior of scroll. Scroll haven’t inertia.

Another way which I found to make a sticky is add such css

	.HYPE_scene {
	overflow:unset !important;
    .HYPE_document {
	overflow:unset !important;

In this case sticky is work and scroll work as a native. I record video with this two scenes:

In second case where you can view scrollbar scroll is working more smooth and native. Also I attach .hype document (30.8 KB)

Can you explain which way is more right for making sticky position for object in Hype?

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way here, but definitely organizing the document in your most logical manner without special case consideration is probably going to be ideal. If you want the group with overflow scrolling to have inertia, you can give it a class and then add this CSS:

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;