Start on load of main timeline won´t work aswell as video export

i have a very simple animation in my first scene - video export will only show the static staring image - also when i open in browser the animation is not triggered although it is the main timeline - when i open a new document and reassemble everything it works... can i delete a plist file or similar to overcome that flaw? thank you - as i am new to the forum pls let me know where to upload the file for checking

You can upload the file directly in a post if it is equal to or less than 3MB in size.
Because you have video which may take it over 3MB, you can use something like a dropbox link in the post.

Or you can use the Report an issue menu in Hype, fill in the details and attach your file to send directly to the Hype Team.

dear mark
thank you for your reply - it seems that i cannot upload .hype files here but pls see the dropbox link:

thank you


start on load and videoexport not (110.7 KB)

That is indeed very odd.
Do you get this only on that file or others.

It does seem to be that it is the Main timeline that will not fire on its own.
The click to start the main timeline works as expected.
If I duplicate the main timeline and then remove the animations in it and add a start 'Main timel 2' ( the duplicate)

That works.
Maintimeline is just auto running..

dear mark,

i got it with almost all files after a while on working on them - i then set it up from scratch but after a while this behaviour shows up again

can it be that there is some .plist files or html code that gets messed up and could be reset?



ps: i am running it on a mac osx 10.12.6 sierra

I am trying to see if I can sport anything.
I am not an expert on what should be in the plist...

Are you able to update your Hype, I think you are on an old version.

The reason the main timeline is pausing is because your "Rechteck 1" element has an On Enter Viewport action in the Actions Inspector set to pause the Main Timeline. As it is immediately visible on the page, it immediately pauses the main timeline.

Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 11.13.44 AM

If you remove this action it will play.

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It's been a loooong day... is my excuss for missing that one... Actully did not even look at that element

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dear mark,

i already wrote to jonathan to give him a big thank you and i also wanted to

thank you very much for looking into that - your fast response and amazing support is rare in the www

the very best



Thanks for taking an initial look though! I was very confused at first too :slight_smile:. I found that if I eliminated everything but the two vector shape elements it would still reproduce, so from there I went to examine the actual export data. In opening the export folder, I saw the waypoints file which tipped me off.

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