[SOLVED] Problem with full screen adaptative leaflet map display

Hi To all,
I’m still playing with leaflet and came out with interesting outcomes.
But I’ve have a strange problem with this map that works as it should except for display :

  • I can’t have the map adapt to fill the whole screen. When I activate adaptatve size for the map container, map doesn’t show anymore.
  • Icons for different buttons on map also disappear.

Any idea what may cause this ?
Crosshair2.hype.zip (21.5 KB)

OK, problems solved.

  • I managed to get rid of the icon problem : uncheck “Protect from external styles” in the document’s advanced options
  • As for the map display, I just had to add this line at the end
    window.onload = window.onresize = function(){map.invalidateSize();};

Document enclosed here in case someone may need it
CrosshairGeojsonSelection.hype 2.zip (21.2 KB)

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