[SOLVED] Bug: y-rotation doesn't work in Firefox (on PersistentSymbol)

Weird bug I found. It seems that the y-rotation doesn’t work when attached to an persistent symbol, but only in FireFox. I’ve made a test case: https://oneuppedgames.com/clients/hype/rotation/ It’s seems consistent on all FireFox-browsers (both Mac and Windows). All others (IE, Edge, Chrome, Safari) seem to work.

The right is simply an image, the center is a regular symbol and the right is a persistent symbol. It’s all the same image, and the same animation (y-rotation from 0 to -360). The symbols have no content (except for the image).

Any idea? The source is here: https://oneuppedgames.com/clients/hype/rotation/rotationBug.zip

rotationBug.zip (36.8 KB)

Thanks for the repro case; this is a bug. It is actually caused by a workaround we put in place for a firefox rendering bug.

I’d workaround it by adding a class name in the identity inspector (say, firefox_workaround) to the persistent symbol, and then add this CSS to the head html:

.firefox_workaround {
    -moz-backface-visibility: visible !important;

Thanks! I’ve tried your fix and it works!

However, I’ve already rearranged my whole scene yesterday, so I don’t use the persistent symbols anymore for the rotation animation, but hey. At least we have a simple solution for other people :wink:


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