Software VGC 2d animation

¡¡Que ingeniero!!


At the heart Hype is already doing this for morphing vector shapes. So the computational aspect is somewhat similar in managing the number of vertices and points and Hype tries to “find” the nearest match. Hype also offers a mode that allows to map key frame index exactly, giving the control to the animator. Hence this paper and UI is a bit more fancy on the fine grained control and visualization but nothing Hype isn’t already doing in managing vector morphing computationally.

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I remember looking at this when doing some initial research for vector shape morphing. It is a compelling technique but my recollection is that their ultimate data structure is quite different than that of the bezier curves used in SVG and wouldn’t be easy to adapt. There might be more we can do in the future, especially to help support multiple path morphing.

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What would be great are shape hints as a new computational mode. Much like in Flash back in the days.

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Oh, that would be quite nicer than the all-or-nothing algorithm mode!