So You want to Go on a Dig - "Old school" Diorama

Following along with @TYancy’s “Old School” theme… ;->

We are talking really old school - as in back in the early 19th century when dioramas were hand-painted on canvas or silk and arranged in layers (pseudo 2.5D) in front of a theater audience. Here we will be using photographs.

The “Dig” in the title is a reference to an archeological expedition to find and excavate fossils - in this case ancient humans. The following is part of a project I worked on aimed at junior high school kids. Its purpose was to show the multidisciplinary roles required on a “Dig” - it’s not just about recovering bones, the context is critical, so you need a variety of skills~expertise to provide this context.

In the demo the first page You will be visiting is a dummy - except for the actual “Join the Dig” portion:

Below is a legend for the interface. By the time the kids go to this part they were versed in the interface mechanisms - you’re being dropped in with out any warm up, so here are some “Cliff Notes”:

The “Auto Scroll Diorama” mechanism is the most interesting way to explore the diorama.

Now that You are up to speed - Let’s go on the Dig!

Note: Mobile devices do not do well with the sound as it’s controlled by JavaScript, and so instead of fading out & in from one person to another (as with OS X) it abruptly cuts off.


WOW! Well done Jim.

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Yes yes and yes! Love the diorama!

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