Small onlinegame

hi @all,

last week i’ve been asked to built a new onlinegame for our kidscorner regarding a big horsechampionchip in our city in juli. first i had no idea, but then came up with a young sea ​​horse living in the moat of the jumpcourse whose job it is to collect the horseshoes that some horses have lost while jumping … crazy, isn’t it :wink:

move the sea horse using the arrows (keyboard desktop, tappad mobile), collect the horseshoes, avoid contacts with other residents of the moat …

special thanks to @MaxZieb and @Photics … i borrowed some shared code :slight_smile:

so here is the betaversion. suggestions, bugreports … any comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Fun stuff, very cool Hans.

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Supercool for a beta version! Suggestion: entry and advanced (speed) level for the next version ?

@h_classen what kind of js functions are required to make those interactions possible?

Thx :smiley:

I guess you mean the collisiondetection. It relies on Matter.js hypes underlying 2d physics- engine.

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Cute game!

Looks like someone used the Photics-Physics-Bridge – very nice! Unlike the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, which costs $19 to go from Brooklyn to Staten Island, there’s no toll to use this code. Actually, I feel like the code probably should be part of Hype already.

Thanks for mentioning me. Seeing this is motivation to get that Hype Book done.

Too bad you didn’t use this code… :wink:

multilingual support is really not necessary on this, but i’ll keep in mind :wink:


from now on it’ll life for about two weeks. just did some minor changes…



The arrow keys also scroll the page for me on Safari; perhaps you could do an event.preventDefault() on the keyboard event which would restrict this under certain conditions (like only when the game is active)?

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good catch :wink: thx jonathan

Well done! Very nice work!

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