Slideshow Problem

(Anestis) #1

Hi, i am only a designer ( i don’t know a lot about code) and i need your help. I find this code for a slideshow, and i want just change the images. When i replace the image i lose the big image in click. Where is my mistake?
I change the first image in the block and the slideshow don’t works…I imagine the answer should be simple…Τhanks for help

Download link

(Mark Hunte) #2

If I understand you correctly then you just need to remove this click action


of the Group for the imageviewer


(Anestis) #3

If you click in the image 2,3… y see the big image in the right. Clicking the big image you returns in the beginning.
I change the image NO1 and i lose the effect…

(Kalle) #4

As far as I can see: The script expects an ID that correlates to the filename. Picture 1 has the ID ‘cards_sm.1’ but the picturename in the resource library is ‘cards_sm.1-1’. Change the ID to ‘cards_sm.1-1’ or reimport picture 1 as ‘cards_sm.1.jpg’ and it will work. Same for the last picture - the ID must be ‘cards_sm.17’ and not ‘cards_sm.15’

Regards, Kalle

(Anestis) #5

Thanks man!!! this is it!!!