Slideshow animation not working on first load


Page 7 of 17 contains the slideshow that contains 6 slides. Before we navigate to page 7, this slideshow preloaded first. so that it is showing just the images and text. Selecting the back button and again moving to page 7 ,the slideshow is working fine. How to show the slideshow on first load itself?

Can you share a bit more information on how you’re implementing the slideshow?

What is it a timeline in a symbol? A timeline on it’s own?

More info needed. Maybe a hype file?



Above url contains the file. In that,

js/course/page.js is the file that loads each page
slide24.html is using page 7 of page17 which shows the slideshow on selecting back button and not showing the slideshow on first page load.
js/course/models/utility.js contains all the page load functions and its order.

Thanks krishna

pretty complex setup but I think I got my head around it :smile:

I was following the console that is logging what is happening when functions are firing and I noticed that it was preparing the next page and then “tearing down” the page and updating the next or previous. I’m not sure what the js that you are using does as I have never come across these scripts before but maybe this is what is causing your dilemma. My first port of call was to suggest looking at your hype file to see if anything is unusual but I suspect the js you are using is the cause.