Site doesn't start when its hosted

I have a web page, that does´nt start from hosting.
Neither from dropBox nor from another hoster.

I have no explanation.
Works fine in preview on Safari on MacBook and iPAD.
Can anybody help ? (751.7 KB)

Did you export direct to Dropbox?? The link above is a download link. You need to have a preview link. If you export directly to dropbox from within hype then it will give you a link to share the web page.

Thanks for Ur reply.
Sorry … dropbox was not direct connected.
But meanwhile i figured, that it depends on the starter page.
Normally I make a copy of the starter page and rename it to index.html.

But this seems to be a problem, cause if I call (index.html), the page is not loading… for what reason so ever.
calling (PassgetPart1.html) that works.
Also, renaming that page to index does´nt work.

Too bad, cause index was very comfortable to use, when you direkt from another page and changing the content temporarily.

If you rename it after exporting to Dropbox, the original URL will stop working – the URL ‘PassgetPart1.html’ is the only html page that Dropbox knows about and gives the web permission to view.

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