Simple mask reveal how to trouble

Hi all, I’m still getting the hang with simple tweens but I’m struggling to make a simple reveal of an object using a shape above it on a path.
See the first image, of the top layer called Ellipse, and below it the image i want to reveal. Image 2 show the ball goes from top to bottom via a path. How can i make the ball invisible and just show the green leaf revealing?


It’s always a good idea to send you’re Hype file along with your question. But do you mean something like this? (13.3 KB)

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Here we go, hype file and assets.
I couldnt open the one you attached Djon (92.2 KB)

here you go (92.3 KB)

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there’s no real masking functionality within hype because there’s no widely browsersupport. please do a forumsearch for more info on this task …

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Thanks guys, but i can see it working djon. i see a button but not sure what else.

preview in your browser and press the button.

I did, i see the grey circle that is triggered by the button then does the path, but the leaf reveals in a single frame suddenly.

Is this actually possible with Hype?

BAM: Here we go. For anyone who landed here with the same question:

Thanks for the help guys