Simple button? Feedback

(Hans Zantman) #1


I used to build my portfolio in Flash -
And making this kind of button in hover state was easy to make (See attachment, 3 images, but as one button)
But I really don’t know how to get the same type of button in Hype. I cannot make different rectangles into one button.
I tried with a .png that does work, but does anyone has an other way to achieve this? (2.1 MB)

(Mark Hunte) #2


It is not really clear what you are trying to do. When I look at your flash page (on a PC) it just seems to go straight into a auto gallery.?

No Button

(Hans Zantman) #3

Hi Mark,

The auto gallery takes a bit too long. On my new site, it will be somewhere else.
If you sit through, you will see what I mean :slight_smile:


That makes two of us… and as I do not have Flash installed I can not see the effect.

But going on your final statement:

“I tried with a .png that does work, but does anyone has an other way to achieve this?”

How about this approach: (2.1 MB)

(3) green translucent rectangle elements are placed in the “3-Btn Hilite” group inside your “Button” symbol.

“On Mouse Over” & “On Mouse Leave” trigger the timeline called “Green Hilite” which animates the opacity from 0-100 (“Mouse Over”) to 100-0 (“Mouse Leave”).

You can of course add other code to the “3-Btn Hilite” group for click events, etc.

Addendum: In addition to the entire “3-Btn Hilite” group generating events each rectangle could have adjustable properties and respond to individual mouse events or other triggers.

(Hans Zantman) #5

Hi Jim,

Thank you very much!
I can work with your approach, much easier.
I will experiment more with this way.