Similar animations on different elements

Hi folks,

Again, I must be a definitive idiot but I have some troubles with animations.

Let’s say I have 3 stylised stars. I want to anime them separately: kind of glow effect and size effect. The size effect starts from center, as if the stars were going back and forth. The trouble is that if I copy and paste with animations, it keeps the first origin for the duplicated stars. Which is not what I want.

Any idea?


Christian (138.8 KB)

You could use symbols. Look at the documentation on that and plenty of examples on site.

But as to doing this as a direct copy paste.

Select you animation and ‘Copy’ it

Select you next star, and paste the animation on to it.
The animation may change its position as you have found and as shown here.

Move the play head past the end of the animation. This lets Hype act on the position rather than the animation paths etc.

Now move the star back to where you want it. The Animation will not be adjusted.

Thank you, I’ll apply this. I thought of the symbols but don’t see very well how to use it here…

This is just one way of using them … (68.1 KB)