Shift of timeline?

(Wolfgang Wunderlich) #1

How can I shift a complex timeline to the right.
ee. the Tl stats at 00:00:00 and its complete.
Now you find out, that you need some extra seconds at the beginning and want to existing timeline to start at 00:15:00 in order to fill the 00-15 with additional action ?

Is there something like : “grab all and shift to the right”?

(Nick ) #2

To move multiple pieces in a timeline all you have to do is click anywhere in the timeline
Select All (Command+A)
then click and drag on a timeline bar and all the pieces will move together.

(Wolfgang Wunderlich) #3

thank U so much.
Sometimes the closest solutions are so far.

Works perfect.
Unfortunately all time-settings (from other scenes as well as within) will ignore the (neu) timing off-set.
They have to be changed manually.
Perhaps a suggestion for further versions, to keep the related timings.

Thanks Nick.