Sharing my work

(Amelia) #1

Hi, I send my last work. I hope you like it. (202.6 KB) (265.9 KB)
LA (2.6 MB)



Keep at it. The feel to timings will grow on you. Like it so far.

(Amelia) #3

Here is another one. :blush:
CALLE (1.2 MB)

(Amelia) #4

And here is the last of this serie.
CAT (787.9 KB)

(Manuel Fernandez) #5

Amelia, el que mas me gusta es el Morgue por el “timing” justo (esto es subjetivo claro). Me gusta mucho la opción minimalista de tus clips.
Un saludo desde Bruselas


(Amelia) #6

Muchas gracias, Manuel.

(Amelia) #7

This video is a recap of all the rest videos that I made as my personal tribute of some horror movies.