Share to a friend?

Hello, I have created an app in hype.
And imported in xcode.
Now I would like to add a bottom, send a friend a news (WhatsUp etc.) where you can download the app.
Does that in hype??

Thanks for help

Here a Link:

If you want to add it to your Hype doc you would want to make a custom link to a Hype button before putting it through XCODE. Not sure how this will work though once it is wrapped in ObjC

Hello Nick, thanks for replay.
I put this “whatsapp://send?text=Hello%2C%20World!” in a Button to open a URL.
On iphone the Button open WhatsApp (on iPhone is WhatsApp install).
But when i will sent a link to the Download in iTunes???
iTunes Link:

Thanks for help

Hello, here’s a link I found.
Do I have the rights xCode still adjust?

Now the link from the app by WhatsApp goes.
Link buttom script:

the link of WhatsApp goes to websites then the newest edition.

With the link directly to the AppStore is probably at https: // …