Share Hype export in html via Google Drive

Hi guys,

Is it possible to view the exported html file from the web via Google Drive. I’d like to show a mockup of a site made with Hype to someone.


It looks like Google once did this, but no longer.

You will need to find other web hosting options. There’s probably solutions that allow serving from a google drive but requiring access.

Thank you

It is possible to perhaps do this with Github.

I did a test roughly following this

It may be easier to use the Github desktop app to do it as you can easily create the directories you need. Where as in the web view to create a Directory I had to upload an editable file (js) go to it’s edit and then I could add a dirctory into its path.
Doing that moves it to the directory. i.e hub.hyperesources
You can then go to this dirctory and upload into it.

Here is my test page.

( html file renamed to index.html )

( html file name to hub2.html - note the url does not include the .html )


Thank You MarkHunte!