Sequencing scenes for Video export

I have a bunch of scenes that are used in an HTML-based presentation. I also need to export these to video, but with varied timing/positioning which may need to be adjusted relative to voice-over.

I’ve tried jumping to scenes, then back to a main scene and all manner of timeline jumps (that I can think of). I seem to run into issues with the video not exporting properly, or excessive difficulty making adjustments to timing.

What are the options for sequencing the playback of scenes for video export?

The Video export is a hands-off process, so whatever happens without touching the Hype preview is what should happen in the video export. Timeline Actions should be your best friend here. If these don’t seem to be behaving correctly, can you send us the document so we can check it out? (Help > Report an Issue, and attach the document there).

Thank you Daniel, however timeline actions do not trigger when playing back in Hype itself.

That means that I’m forced to write my own transport for preview (which is a potential source of bugs or misrenders), or sit through long animations/renders to check if a small timing change was correct.

I was hoping for a way to linearly sequence scene playback in a manner that allows me to utilize Hype’s timeline playback, rather than rely preview or render.