Scrolling Scenes Loading

(Ken Heins) #1

Not sure if this topic has ever been addressed directly, lots of discussion of scrolling scenes:

If you use scrolling screens, is there a way to defer loading until the scrolling to the new screen begins?

I have a site that will use very different content from scene to scene.

BTW: Having VERY good luck with the tinypng app to reduce image size, hard to believe how they can do it, but I am not complaining, its great!

It will help in the loading process in any case, actually make it very helpful if deferred to scroll loading could be done.

Am I missing something?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Can you clarify what you mean by “deferred to scroll loading?” I’m not exactly sure what ordering you want. Thanks!

(Ken Heins) #3

The real question is: if I have 5 scenes in a scrolled document, do all 5 have to load at the page beginning, or can I load them individually as I scroll to them individually. With tinypng, the decrease in image file sizes makes it look practical to do it.

Should have said it that way at the beginning LOL

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #4

Lazy Loading:rocket:

(Ken Heins) #5

“Lazy Loading:rocket:” ?

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #6

lazy loading … i guess this is what you mean :slight_smile:

(Ken Heins) #7

yes, you could say that, although I have not tested the file yet, still building it. But I really want to be able to use the idea of one document that can be scrolled through 5 scenes.

Seems like it will be a huge document, and MIGHT be unaccepably slow if I had to preload all 5 scenes.

BUT with my success with tinypng compressed images AND IF I could control individual scene loading within that scrolled document allowing me to advantage of the small images, i could get the best of both worlds.

A scrollable document with 5 scenes, each of which would load individually when scrolled, and with acceptable speed, could be a wonderful thing.

The only thing for me to do is finish building it and testing it. all speculation until that point. :slight_smile: