Scrolling gallery

(Steve) #1

I have a grouped horizontal scrolling black and white gallery.
As the pictures pass the centre of the page, I want the centre picture only
to change to color for a few seconds, then as it passes over, return to black and white.

How can I do that?

I also want to be able to open the picture on its own when the colored picture is clicked.


Hi Steve, (@X_D)

Here is a template you can look at and see if it helps :wink: (450.9 KB)

It is a scrolling carousel with the same picture duplicated but when the pic is in the view area it goes from 0 Sepia to 1. (b&w to colour)

Also the first 2 pics have a link attached. This could be to wherever you want.

Hope this helps!


(Steve) #3

This is great , thank you so much