Scale image down to maximum size used on export

When dealing with ads that have really strict weight requirements it would be nice to be able to animate with huge png-s inside hype and get the right sized files on export. I would especially implement this when using png-s containing text because animation looks at its best when its not scaled down from a bigger image.

Right now I’m doing an ad campaign that consists of 20 different sizes and scaling and exporting from Photoshop is a huge time consumer.

Automator can be used to automatically resize images.

There are actions in Photoshop too, which can ease repetitive tasks. If you have Fireworks, it also has batch processing.

Yes, thanks for the reply, this works in some cases but my main question was about smoothing the workflow while dealing with a lot of different sizes. I know that using only svg-s would be my best option but that is not possible in all situations.

The ideal case would be (in future updates ofcourse) to have Hype export (png, jpg, gif) img assets no larger than the maximum size used in animation. For instance if i have a 500x300 banner ad and I use 300x300 element that is scaled no larger than 50% at any time, there should be a global option to have that element exported as 150x150 because there is no reason to have a larger resolution (lets leave @2X out for now). The same with all the other used elements.

I hope you understand my point of you, English is my 7th language.

Resize images so they’re only as large as is needed for the document. For example, if you use an 18 megapixel 5184px × 3456px image as the background for a 600px × 400px scene, Tumult Hype will resize the image on export and reduce the final download size by megabytes.

It seems like the feature you want is already there. Is it not working?

Okay. You are right. It definitely works when you have “Automatically optimize when exporting” feature selected. Since most ad spaces have really tiny zip weight requirements I can not use @2X feature. I used to just delete the @2X files but since Mac OS El Capitan these banners do not show any objects. My work around was to just not to enable optimization on export and this leads to no downscaling on export. So in one sentence: is there a possibility to automatically scale down assets on export while not exporting for retina.

Thanks in advance.