Scale from center

Hi, I´ve been trying since Hype 2.5 to do a scale from center animation. I found this:
"Simply hold down the Option key while dragging a resize handle, and the element will resize from the middle."
But this simply does not work. Is there a way to do this now?

It works for me. When I hold the “Option” key down and grab a corner it expands from the center. Holding “Shift+Option” expands evenly.

Thanks for your help. I think maybe my problem is I´m using the wrong properties (Size height and width) because I´ve tried it with “Option” and with a number of combinations like “Shift+Option”, “Shift+cmd”, etc. and they all go to the upper left corner or the lower right corner depending on the direction.

It is a little hard to tell what is happening from just the screenshots, do you think you might be able to take a video?

Here’s how it should be behaving:

Sure, and I´ll try to explain it also.
When I try to scale an object it automatically makes the animation from one of the corners depending if it´s scaling up or down.
In this video I resized it while hitting the “option” button but it still makes the animation run from one of the corners.

Want I need to do is make the animation in the same position and not from the corners.

Thanks a lot. (989.9 KB) i

To keep the element centered, you’ll also need to animate Origin (Top) and Origin (Left). I recommend turning on recording and then resizing, as Hype will automatically create the necessary keyframes based on your actions on the scene and timeline.


WoW! thanks a lot! It´s so simple… I´ve been trying to do this since hype 2, but I just googled it without finding the correct answer.

Thanks a lot Ryan, you just made my animations a lot better :smiley:

I’m glad we could help!

Is there a way to change the Left and Top measurements to temporarily be center x and y, like you can do in Photoshop? I often have to animate concentric circles animate out from the center and being able to programatically set the centers would be a help.

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thanks for the video. it really helped.

Is it possible to scale from the middle without key framing the left and top origin properties? Im making an image that expands from the middle out but will need to create different versions with different images but want the animations be the same. I will go in and just replace the image with a new one. The problem with having the left and top properties changing is the images won’t be the same dimensions so it jacks up my positioning. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

It sounds like You will need a custom solution for each image. I don’t see JavaScript being helpful here as there are too many variables (e.g. the scaling% will vary depending on the image).

One possible solution:

  1. Place your image where desired in Hype’s Animation pane.

  2. Create the starting keyframes for “Scale (Height)” & “Scale (Width)” where needed on the Timeline.

  3. Create the ending keyframes for “Scale (Height)” & “Scale (Width)” where needed on the Timeline.

  4. While the timeline is on the ending keyframe select your image, hold down the “Command-key” and drag. This key modifier will scale your image proportionally from the center.

Thanks Jim. I’ll give it a try.

It would be handy to have a toggle for this, so keyframes could be made numerically as well. So Constrain Proportions, Scale from centre.