Save position of customizable panels

(Paul) #1

Just upgraded to Pro for the customizable UI panels and am disappointed in a couple things. The single window interface versus being able to break-out panels to a second monitor is already acknowledged by the developers as a hot feature request. A bigger issue in my opinion is the apparent inability to save the position/arrangement of panels from one session to another.

Tell me if I’m missing something but if I move or hide/show a panel in the interface it should stay in this position the next time I launch Hype, right? Do I really need to spend a few minutes moving and positioning the panels to create my “workspace” every time?

(stephen) #2

The layout should be saved in each document. So when you reopen the document the layout should be the same.

However new documents always use the default layout. We have gotten a lot of requests to save a particular layout to use for new documents. Hopefully it is something we will add in a future update.