Saola Animate is now on Mac

Sorry to bring up the “windows” topic again. However, it is worth noticing that Saola Animate, the only close competitor to Hype, has just released its Mac version. The software, while not as good as Hype, is multi platform, and that as we all know is a big selling point. This emphasizes the need for Tumult to respond.
I know all the effort over the past 18 months has gone into Hype 4, and rightly so. However, once it’s released, I feel a major effort must at last me made to come up with a Windows version.
Love Hype.


Looks like a bad steal.

Goodness gracious me!

I for one think there’s no need to respond with a windows version. However, there are things in Saola that Tumult Hype can just pick up for future iterations and make it a well polished feature set in Hype. Storing Shapes, Auto Keyframing… all of which that was brought to tumult earlier.

So did Microsoft Windows back in the days and remember what happened.

I think @petester and @moshe_caine are making valid points here. I am a fan boy of Hype as you know but I also like the Creative Cloud model (not so much the high pricing though) with frequent releases of features rather then a monolithic version bump.

Update: why not make Hype 4 pro a subscription and release features individually all year long once they leave the beta.

BTW this is what this Thread is about. We certainly need a feature comparison to actually talk about it. Given some time I would like to see how they handle export, scenes, JS and runtime compression. Now that they are directly competing…

Well pushing updates and leaving something broke while working with costumers is a difficult task. I would not write a ‘no go’, but it will be hard to deal cards and produce something compared to a stable hype build.

I am very curious to see @Daniel and @jonathan response to this topic and their vision/roadmap für Hype.

No thank you for subscription models! Do they make software anyway better? Look at Adobe. Their incremental versions are smaller than ants. If Tumult got into subscriptions, I would take my cap and leave.


I was also very skeptical about the subscription approach of recent years but if you think about it for some time it really makes sense. Software is so fasted paced these days that it’s more of a Service then a Good. In the old days you had to buy the Master Collection every couple of years for thousands of dollars/euros. Now you can rent it for a little fee and if your productive with it you are most likely making a living from it …so that shouldn’t be a problem. It certainly makes you think about what apps to support and and use and the latter is just the point: You are supporting the developers you like and depend on with the side benefit of them having enough funds to dedicate their full attention and even more staff to the product (apart of showing your continued appreciation). I reduced my payload of app and services to the ones that make most sense to me since. Also pricing should be reasonable and inclusive for students/education etc. Having more updates is just another nice side effect. Also I am not suggesting that this should replace the beta branch. There should still be a group of volunteer beta-testers testing new features and giving feedback in the forums. Just like now with a separate update cycles outside the App Store (quicker and direct). But once one feature is stable it can be “pushed” to the App Store Version into either the Pro branch (with the subscription) or Regular branch (without subscription). Agenda (todo, note taking app) has a nice twist on this concept. Every feature you “get” while you are subscribed stays with you even after your subscription ends. Maybe not ideal for Hype but another idea. Bringing this back to Saola… this might just give Hype the Edge it needs to stay most relevant and ahead of competition while feeling responsive with frequent additions!

Thank you, MaxZieb, for your ideas, which I respect. Whatever happens, we both wish Hype the best posdible future.


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Call me old school, I for one hate subscription based apps.

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Sure but what is your rational behind it other the not liking it? Do you consider a Software like Hype (addressing the fast paced web) similar to a space invader carriage in an old school arcade? Isn’t it rather a service that needs to keep up with the latest trends? Looking forward to your take on it…

Hmm, In the case of Adobe, Subscription model has advantages for companies/agencies/ freelancers without upgrading from version to version or buying boxed in newer version every other year which is costly.
Looking at Hype, the current model is well suited for the type of app $49 Standard - $100 Pro and upgrade fees version to version.

Also rather just a statement or wish. What is the actual argumentation would be the much more interesting part of the answer? Regards

In threads like this sometimes all you want to do is make a statement, some times it is just a visceral reaction, I think the old school part was also enough elaboration. but since you asked.

I am of the old school idea that you buy an app and it is yours. (within the license agreement ).
I do not want to rent an app. The same way that I never rent any other tools unless I really have to.
And to date I never have. If I want a tool I buy it.
I only pay once for that tool.
I use it to my hearts content until it breaks or a better tool or a feature upgrade come out that has something that I really want and then I buy that.

With software ,I do expect updates to fix bugs. As is the nature of app software.
If the app cost me originally $49 and I use it for 3 years I have only paid $49, if an app upgrade comes out that has some more bells and whistle that I do not need I do not buy it and carry on as I was.

But if I had subscribed at $4 a month for 3 years I am paying $144. oh wait and still paying $4 a month.
If I stop subscribing I may if I am lucky be able to use the app but in a limited state.

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Touché about the statement.

Although I am genuinely interested why or where the old school approach is applicable. I can relate to it and feel the same for many little tools that solve a single purpose like handyprint or TextExpander, and they introduced a subscription with funny features that make no sense and don’t improve the initial purpose. I guess it boils down to the question if you consider Hype more of a screwdriver you buy once vs. a shed full of tools you rent to work in.

Best regards from Berlin

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Buenas tardes a todos.

Ya he probado este software con mi ordenador windows. Me parece es un buen software. Pero no es misma que lo tiene Tumult hype…

Tumult hype es mas avanzado pero algunas software son muy interesante que no tiene en tumult hype.

Por ejemplo: Tumult hype solo tiene el polígono cuadro y circulo y en Saola tiene casi completo como el powerpoint de Office.

UI creo que es mas compliado para los novatos que desarrollado con los proyectos.
Puede hacer code directamente en los elementos igual que en Adobe Animte cc o flash. En el general de software es mas parecido mucho a Adobe Edge Animate. Hype tiene mejor diseño UX , mas cuidado y aportar los elementos y herramientas mínima y creo es suficiente para trabajar cualquieras proyectos.

Espero que vuestras experiencias que habéis probado este software.

Judging by the reactions (@TKDblackbelt @MarkHunte @petester) the idea of subscriptions seams to be not that popular and supported here.

Voy a probar Saola el fin de semana y compartir mis hallazgos aquí.

Correct, everyone is use to the straight forward model

you buy an app and it is yours

specially when it comes to software (Adobe is a different case) and specifically an app like Hype. That said, Tumult made the right decision to keep the app at a reasonable cost to own. If it becomes a subscription (I hope not) model it would go against my and majority of the users principles.

I agree with what Mark brought up.