Running the same scene twice on the same page?

I am trying to run an animated logo in the top navigation menu and the bottom navigation menu. The top will run but the bottom will not. Is there a way to run both or do I have to create two separate logos?

yes there is.
just want to make sure one thing.
did you just copy and paste?
after you copy the animated logo, right click on your mouse.
there is paste with animation.
if you done that already.
let me know~
btw which version of hype do you have?

I did copy and past. Still did not work decided to not go with two logos since I was having issues. I have the latest version. Thanks for your help.

You need to paste with animation. After you copy it click on right mouse button. There is paste with animation!!! It should work~^^

Let us know if you’re still trying to get this setup – if so could you share your document?