Running multiple timelines issue

I'm working on a project in which two timelines are triggered on mouse-over and on mouse-out for each of the images. This can be easily done without any custom code in the Actions menu.

However, I would like to tweak the project so that when the cursor goes from one image to another within the same category (e.g. from one fruit to another fruit) the fruit category timeline (the one with dashed outline) stays the same and only the name of the fruit changes. In other words, it does not go back and starts again when the cursor changes from one fruit to another.

Can this be done with some custom js?

Thanks for your help guys!

Fruit and (1.1 MB)

No code, just timelines.

Is this what you mean..
removed the Vegetables and Fruit timeline actions from the images
Grouped the type components and put the Vegetables and Fruit actions on the groups.

Fruit and (1.1 MB)

Also set the text boxes to ignore mouse pointers. (( The ones outside the bounds of the group where triggering the mouse over as they are inside the group.) You could also just take them out)


You are a legend Mark! That's exactly what I wanted.

Thanks a lot!

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I think we need another category (regular, leader, etc.) for some of the contributors on the Forum - "Hype Deity" - Mark would certainly be on this list!