Run Project in Kiosk/Automated Mode

In my previous project I had a requirement to run the project in a ‘kiosk mode’ (display each scene for a few seconds and move to the next). I usually duplicate each scene and then just move to another scene using the timeline, however this is not effeicient and causes me to update 2 scenes whenever changes occur, does anyone have any options whereby I can automate this via a script throughout the project?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Can you clarify why you need to update 2 scenes when changes occur? An example document would be great.

Please see the attached example.

You can see when in Kiosk mode, this jumps to Kiosk1 which is essentialy same as NonKiosk1 but runs automatically. (79.0 KB)

I made you a little sample,

this is probably a more complicated way to approach it but to do it on a mass amount of slides this is how i would approach it (45.8 KB)

I made a function in the header

var AllScenes,
    paused = true,
if ("HYPE_eventListeners" in window === false) {
    window.HYPE_eventListeners = Array();
    "type": "HypeDocumentLoad",
    "callback": HypeLoaded

function HypeLoaded(hypeDocument, element, event) {
    //load up hype doc
    window.myhypedocument = hypeDocument;

    //get all scenes
    allScenes = hypeDocument.sceneNames(),
        kioskScenes = [],
        pauseButton = document.getElementsByClassName('pauseButton')[0];
    for (s in allScenes) {
        //extract kiosk scenes
        IsItAKiosk = (allScenes[s].indexOf('kiosk') !== -1);
        if (IsItAKiosk) {


    //kioskNumb is the counter
    kioskNumb = 0;
    //go to first kiosk
    hypeDocument.showSceneNamed(kioskScenes[kioskNumb], hypeDocument.kSceneTransitionInstant, 0)


function startKiosk(hypeDocument, element, event) {
    kioskInterval = setInterval(function() {
        //increase the counter and then loop it when it gest to the end
        if (kioskNumb == kioskScenes.length) {
            kioskNumb = 0;
            //cycle trough them
        transitionKiosk(hypeDocument, element, event);
    }, 2000);


function transitionKiosk(hypeDocument, element, event, goBack) {
    // I made it a function so i can call it from the next and previous buttons as well so everything transitions in the same style
    var transition = hypeDocument.kSceneTransitionPushLeftToRight;

    if (goBack == true) {
        transition = hypeDocument.kSceneTransitionPushRightToLeft;

    hypeDocument.showSceneNamed(kioskScenes[kioskNumb], transition, 0.5)


There are some comments there but what it does is
1: Get the hype Doc
2: Get all the Scenes in it (kioskScenes)
3: Extracts all the scenes with “kiosk” in the name so you can just copy paste scenes at will and it will detect all of them as long as the word kiosk is there
4: jump to the first kiosk scene
5. make a setInterval of 2 seconds(you can change it to be slower) to autoplay between all the scenes

Then I’ve got a persistent symbol on the stage to trigger everything
IF you hit autoplay the function is

	paused = false;
	startKiosk(hypeDocument, element, event);
	element.innerHTML="AUTO PLAY";
	paused = true;


So as you can see it pauses and resumes the interval, and the next and previous symbols just call the swap function inside the interval so you have a centralised place where you can change the transition style and time and not have every transition have different timings.

You can see in the back button i reversed the scenes counter

transitionKiosk(hypeDocument, element, event,true);

So it will count the scenes backwards but i also added a “true” at the end of the function so that it swaps the transition at that certain trigger so it plays it in reverse

Tap on the texts above in the hype file and see if that helps!

And dupliate the kiosk scenes as much as you wanna, the script will pick it up(check your console you’ll see it outputs them)



many thanks lucky!

let me have a play with your example.