Rotation on the Y axis possible?

I was able to make this work:
hypeDocument.setElementProperty(flipme, ‘rotateZ’, 0, 1.0, ‘easeinout’);

what I really want to happen would be this:
hypeDocument.setElementProperty(flipme, ‘rotateY’, 0, 1.0, ‘easeinout’);

is there any method or trick to make that happen? with Javascript, I need to avoid using the timelines if I can on this one. I included a little example that shows the goal.

thanks in advance! (22.6 KB)

Unfortunately there’s not a method through the JavaScript API to control 3D rotation.

I’ve added a “+1” for this on our tracker.

Hype likes to take control of the CSS transform property which includes the 3D rotations. While I would advise against hacking it, you might have some success if in the Document Inspector you check “Position with CSS left/top,” uncheck “Use WebKit graphics acceleration”, and then you could try modifying the .style.transform property itself to have a rotateY.

var boxElement = hypeDocument.getElementById("mybox"); = "transform 1s ease-in-out"; = "rotateY(90deg)";

But depending on your needs there’s probably still cases where Hype might fight you over the transform property.