Rotation Animation pausing slightly

My rotating animation has a slight pause as it loops (i’m trying to create an infinitely spinning wheel).
I created a sphere and at the beginning of the timeline set the rotation angle (z) to 0, and then at end of timeline the angle to 360. I created a Timeline action at end to: (Start Timeline/Main Timeline) and then created a Timeline action at the beginning (Continue Timeline/Main Timeline). The wheel does spin infinitely, but there’s a slight pause between the end/beginning. Do I need to adjust the z rotation angle to different values?
Thanks for any help!

UPDATE: I kept experimenting and found that if I double-click the animation path in the timeline and changed the setting from “Ease In Out (default)” to “Linear”, this corrected the slight pause and now my animation is infinitely rotating without any pauses. :slight_smile:


Naturally, eliminating easing is key, but remember that 0º and 360º are the same thing. If the rotation ends at 360º in one frame, then goes to 0º in the next frame this will use two frames instead of one, causing a slight pause. Calculate the number of degrees of rotation per frame and adjust. This will create a smooth endless rotation.