Rookie Questions

Hi all
I expect this is an entry level noob question, but here goes…
I’m a 2d 3D generalist that’s been working in the film and tv industry for many years faking the use of computers by actors. For the majority of that time the go to solution for fast interactive program making has been Adobe Director. It has offered all of the flexibility of flash without the pitfalls, and can output an exe. That can be USB keyed between many a pc or mac hidden on a film set. Adobe has officially retired Director so I’m considering html5 and Hype in particular as its successor. However, I’ve be unable to clarify if this simple feature is available in Hype or if all the output/published programs need to be viewed in a browser.
I need a program that can output a standalone exe. that can simulate a windows or mac or other operating system free of tell tale headers or other giveaways. Can anyone shine a light on this one for me?

Hype currently does not export to app. Hopefully Tumult has put that feature on their to-do list.

However, you can export the project manually. In my book (and I think there’s a video tutorial mentioned on these forums) there’s a guide on how to place a Hype project into Xcode and then export it to an iOS app.

Also, although I haven’t tried it, maybe Electron could solve the problem.

According to the Wikipedia article…

It allows for the development of desktop GUI applications using front and back end components originally developed for web applications: Node.js runtime for the backend and Chromium for the frontend.

Thanks Michael
That clears that up, a shame since the simplicity of the UI in Hype is very seductive to those of us getting long in the tooth. I’m used to the disappointment though, as are most of the Director community. I’ll look into those suggestions, which are appreciated, I expect a game engine like Unreal or Unity is currently the most expedient solution.

Thanks again


Hi Clive,
I too am a Director orphan, and I have found that Adobe Animate CC can do many of the same things that Director did and export out to cross-platform standalone apps. Given the final product you are creating, I think Animate could work very well for you.

You should take a look at the Godot Engine.

I feel your pain. I loved Director and used it for all sorts of projects, including multiplayer games and 3-D. McDonald’s used it for menus and it was also used in ST TNG for animated screen readouts, plus it was used for a number of highly interactive movie promo sites, such as the site for the original Mission Impossible.

It really has outlived its usefulness and the output tended to be bulky. Back in the days of CD games when everything was on the disc, it was great but it was dead slow on the web. It looks like your type of project is pretty much Director’s last gasp.

For your purposes, the best thing I would suggest would be to use After Effects to output as video with markers and create a shell app that would control the playback between the markers. I’d recommend Hype for this, but Hype doesn’t (yet) output markers. The unattractive alternative would be to use Hype to output to MOV, create a text doc for the markers and paste this into the video using QT Pro.