Reverse animation block via shortcut/menu

At times I find myself creating an animation but at times what I really wanted is an inverse/reverse of the animation. Hype give us the ability to do just that by reverse dragging the animation/keyframes bar to the opposite ends which is ok, but at times it feels like the dragging part is a bit laborious and one has to pinpoint and re-adjust the bar/animation within the timeline.

It be cool if hype does it all via short cut command/menu and not alter where the animation starts from and ends within the timeline? Selecting of group of layers and reversing would be where this would be ideal.

Maybe theres a workaround that Im overlooking, if anyone has a solution to getting this a bit faster I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for the request!

If the animation doesn’t contain video (as that doesn’t like being played in reverse) just jump to the end (duration) and play in reverse.

This can be done with a two Hype-API function calls and if the timeline name is extracted from event meaning event.timelineName this function would be reusable.

But in general I’d love a „reverse keyframes“ on a right click specially if it works on specific keyframe selections… or animation selections.

Indeed, thats what I was thinking too when i was writing the request.

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There is one little thing to think about… what happens to the easing functions… are they mirrored when flipped? Meaning an easin out would become an ease in or would that be something one would need to adjust manually?

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drag it to reverse to 0 it looks like its reversing the ease too? See for (518.5 KB)

I think the easing values are changed when it comes to flipping animation in opposite direction inspecting the code now…

just looked its not changing easing, it would have flipped the easing trail path in hype had it been the case.