Resume timeline on mouse out

Hi everyone,

I need help to resume timeline on mouse out.

Here’s what need to happens:

  1. In Scene 01, mouse over (over a specific object) the user jumps to Scene 02
  2. Then I would like the timeline of Scene 01 to pause while on Scence 02
  3. The on Mouse Out the user goes back to Scene 01
  4. The timeline resume where it left and continue

I currently use the Actions: On Mouse over “Pause Timeline” and on Mouse Out “Continue Timeline” but it doesn’t seemed to work.

Thanks a lot!

You probably can do this with Custom Behaviours but here is one which works using JS.

The first trick os to make the animations on each scene a Persistent Symbol. But only on the Parent scene.
Because it is persistent it will remember it’s current properties and not reset them on load like a normal scene will.
( think of Symbols as independent scenes )

The Symbols do not need anything special apart from the the mouse out element also should be included as a child. (19.7 KB)

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Great! Thanks MarkHunte. We’ll try that!

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