Restore documents from exported files

When Restore any files, it gives me this? I have 3 major files please help me!


Do you have an exported .hypresources folder with a .plist file in it … like this!

If it’s not in there then unfortunately you may not be able to restore it.

It may be in your system somewhere. Try searching for “37863A-restorable.plist”


You also need to have Hype’s preferences set to to restore…

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if you do not have the restore file you could try and contact @Daniel who may be able to use their super computer to restore the project from the resource files.

This is a punt as they may not still have the tools to do so with the latest version of Hype…

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Our super computer could reverse documents in the 1x days, but the plist files have replaced that workflow. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do if the plist was not in the original export.

Maybe time to get the Flux Capacitor out…


Would they get that message if the file did not exist?. It does seem to know about a filename from somewhere

Forget that just did a test and it must be reading another file first to workout the restore plist file name to look for.

Update on this.,
It looks like the restore plist file name is an encoding of the Hype project name, so that is where the name ‘37863A’ is coming from

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Correct, it is a hash on the filename so folks without the hashing algorithm can’t casually get at the restore file if they don’t know the name.

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