Responsive vimeo video

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Hi friends, I’m hardly trying to create a multimedia site with adobe muse, since I don’t know how to code at all. One of the things I want to achieve is to have a full frame picture with a play button in the center, that shows a fullscreen vimeo video. I’m using hype to do this, with the idea of exporting it as an oam widget to put it inside adobe muse. The problem I’m facing is that I cannot get the vimeo video to be full window responsive. I’ve checked this site: since it was recommended on this forum, and it works fine with youtube videos, but for some reason I cannot get vimeo videos to work with it. When I paste the vimeo link of any video, I get the “the embed code for this video is not valid” alert.
I would also love to have it autoplay
Any suggestion appreciated.


This is a good starting point

Note I have put the style code in the Head HTML and given the rect element a class of embed-container then inside the innerHTML of the rect I have included the iframe code. (14.2 KB)

To add autoplay append ?autoplay=1 to the end of your src URL. Be aware this will cause the video to autoplay within Hype also.