Responsive not working?

I’ve Grouped my elements and also set the Flexible Layout to Zoom Contents but can not get the banner to actually act Responsively.

Odd thing is it once worked. Not sure if the browser (Chrome Mac) glitched and over-rode it’s display forcing a responsive effect but I can not get this to work… (369.7 KB)

I have the latest version (3.5) of Hype Pro. Not sure if it’s a problem with the elements (should not be due to group) but I’ve been trying everything I can for hours with no positive results.

Can someone test the attached file to see if they see similar results, or the issue?


you have not checked any responsiveness for the scene

It’s odd that Google Chrome Inspect Element and Responsive testing panel do not respect the final output.

I use this Chrome feature often and have never seen it act this way.

Video attached if anyone is interested or knows why this is:

Thank you for your reply Hans-Gerd Claßen.