Responsive Miss-Match


Note: I believe this to be an issue with padding and margins set in the WordPress page this document has been embedded. I will return when I have an answer. No need to look at the remaining message. Thanks!

I am using Safari’s Responsive Design Mode to verify that my scenes scale properly across iPhone 5s thru 6s Plus. When previewing the scenes locally, the scenes look as they should. When viewing the document on a live site, the scenes aren’t scaled properly (portion of the scene is cutoff on the lowest resolution device) AND scroll bars appear across all devices. I’ve included screenshots. Could someone provide advice on how to get my live site to match what’s showing up locally? Thank you!

guess as always: you’ve to share a document to get good advice …


Since this is an embedded document in WordPress, I believe the issue is due to margins and padding set on that specific page.

So, put a pin in this one… I’ll verify and get back. Thank you for taking the time to look at it.

As suspected, the default styling for the page added undesired margin and padding.

Thanks for responding @h_classen!