Responsive Fullscreen Slider

I need for a new Project a responsive Fullscreen Slider.
I build an example with 3 rectangle. But only the rectangle in the middle
is correct an full responsive. I try all settings. But it’s don’t work.

Here is the Link the to the file:

use “expand to fill” or “stretch” on the green and orange squares as well.

try this versions

use a group and fit the group to the layout with "Expand to fill"Fullscreen Slider (20.6 KB)


Hi Michelangelo,

great it works. But how do you do that ? i cannot find the way to put the group
into a rectangle. And when i ungroup your document, there’s no rectangle ?
Pls explain me your way step by step.


ok, i did it. i don’t know, that is possible to
fit the yellow group rectangle.

Thank you very much

Great concept!