Responsive for iphone and android

hello there, I’m using hype since a few years from time to time and today I have an issue.

I’ve made a little animation (1024 x 768 px) and tried to stretch it to have it displayed on my iphone or an android phone. On desktop navigators two, but no problems there.

It works fine with the iphone but on the android it’s always to big when it appears. If i resize it then it’s ok but I would like to have directly displayed with the correct size.

How can I do that ? i’ve tried everything and I finally bought the upgrade to the pro version to be sure I would have all the options I need to do that.

Thanks for the help.

Hello Neutrinos,

This might come from the Retina resolutions which are bigger than the ones for normal screens, but I am not sure it is only a supposition, I am new here…

Here are 2 websites where you can find information about screen resolutions for almost all kinds of devices :

It could also have to do with the layout’s breakpoint…

Now that we know your first name, what is your family name : Tau, Muon or Electron ?


Laurent S.

could be meta-viewport-setting would you mind to share your link ? :slight_smile: