Responsive draggable sceneslider

just rediscovered:

a responsive draggable sceneslider where every scene is hold in a symbol.

file: dragScene.hype (52.2 KB)


That is a brilliant technique!

I assume you have the other scenes simply to make editing easier?

Yes, exclude them on advanced Export … It is a nice Bridge to edit Scenes afterwards😀

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This is great. Thank you for sharing. I was playing around with it and can’t seem to get animations to work on the different scenes. I’m trying to start the animations on a scene when that scene is swiped to and is in focus. I tried to make the timeline play with an OnEnterViewport action but that didn’t help. All my timelines just play at the same time when previewed.

Any ideas?

that’s right … :slight_smile:

try over here: (62.8 KB)

please set the name for the maintimeline in the head (in german it’s ‘Hauptzeitachse’, in english ‘maintimeline’ etc. …)

note: there may be news on this functionality within hype 4 if i get @jonathan right …

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Forgot to say thank you for this. Sorry. This was a great help. Thank you :slight_smile: I’m very much looking forward to official info on this from the tumult team.