Resizing same symbol for different layouts

(strmiska) #1

does anyone have a trick hoe to resize a symbol, if i want to use it smaller or bigger on a different layout?
for now, if the layouts have different sizes, i duplicate the symbol. then i´m able to fit to the new layout.
but it has the disadvantage that I definitely need to change each symbols seperately. but this is not according to the actual use of symbols. a solution could be to change per percent - i.e. on layout 1 i use only 50% width of “xxx-symbol”.

Work around for lack of symbol scaling?
(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

Not sure if it fits your needs, but you still can enable scaling in Hypes UI via terminal:
defaults write com.tumult.Beta.Hype2 ShowInspectorAttributeScale -bool YES

(strmiska) #3

wow - this is great! didn´t know that - thanx a lot.

(strmiska) #4

ok - this is only scaling the pixelview of a group or symbol, but doesn´t scale the elements inside itself by width and height. the width is still the same after scaling. this is confusing

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

Do note that this is entirely unsupported and based on a feature we had in a beta that we will be revisiting. If your document uses this, it may break in the future!