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I am going to be creating a web site and I believe that Hype will be a good fit.

One of the requests of my client is for a Reservation System with integrated payment. That is all - no other bells & whistles needed. I have not used such a set-up before and I am wondering if anyone here has a recommendation. I am just beginning my research along these lines.

Note: I also could create a Wordpress page with such a “widget” installed and linked to from the Hype main site if that makes things smoother.

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Post Edit:
This reservation system needs to be generic and not geared specifically towards housing/room/vacation rentals, etc.

I was just looking at some solutions to take membership dues for my Kendo Dojo and in researching came across a lot of turnkey software that could accommodate small businesses like fitness gyms or salons. I don’t recall those specifically (since they didn’t fit my bill) but it seemed there’s a lot of SaaS company that does reservations and billing.

If you only want a solution to take payments and build everything else, Stripe is definitely the way to go.

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Thank You!

Hi Jim,

I am currently working on an implementation that involves making Stripe payments in my Hype form. I am having a little difficulty rendering the Stripe form using Elements. Would you mind sharing a little about your experience integrating Stripe with Hype?

Hi “j”,

I didn’t use Hype… I ended up using Wix… not just because of the reservation system but other features as well which nicely fit the job requirements. Wix did what I needed for a lot less work. :nerd_face:

I never used Wix before - I liked it! A really big plus for Wix is they have great phone tech support 24/7 (or they did as of last January).

Thank you for the reply Jim.

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