Request Entity too large

I am trying to upload my .oam file up to a Wordpress site. I’m using Tumult Hype Animations (version 1.7.1) to upload my animation. The .oam is only 1.9 mb.

The attached screen shot is the message I am getting when I mouse over the upload dialog box.

I think this is a relatively small file with very minimal images.

Is there a way to manually upload this via SFTP/FTP? If so where to I place the .oam file?


I am contacting my hosting provider to see if they can bump up my upload size minimum.

I would be nice to know which folder within the Wordpress file structure I can FTP the .oam into. Then I would’nt have to worry about dealing with the host provider.

Let me know if you guys know where I can FTP the file. Thanks!

My hosting provider bumped up my upload limit to 24m from the default 8m on Wordpress.

I guess the 1.9 OAM file is binary and it decompress to much more.

I think I’m good to go.

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

Looks like they set a pretty low upload_size for you – glad you’re all set!

I’ll see if I can make that error look a bit less awful and ugly.

LOL! I got the jist of the message any way. I was able to resolve it based on the message.

Thanks Daniel! Great app!