Removing the period in .hyperesources for AdButler


AdButler doesn’t support folder name with “.” in it. Is there a way to rename the resources folder in the project configs? Right now, I have to manually rename the folder and change all the references in the code… I have 125 banners to do lol.


Unfortunately there’s no built in way in Hype to do this.

Super easy in Automator though!

remove (86.0 KB)

Once you do that, you can use a standard text editor to do a find/replace and remove instances of .hyperesources with whatever you choose to replace that string with.

If you don’t have a text editor that supports this, I recommend Atom. Open Atom, drag a parent folder containing all your .html files onto it, and then type ⌘ + shift + f to do a global ‘find’ in your project. Next, type .hyperesources in the find field and insert hyperesources into the ‘replace in project’ field.

I’m happy to report that the fix is in and AdButler is much more forgiving about the names of folders and their accompanying resources. The new code is expected to be online this week and appreciate your patience and thanks for using AdButler