Relative timelines are beating me into the ground

I have produced several galleries where I can make 30-40 pictures slide across the screen, from right to left as one motion event, no problem.

Have read the documentation on relative timelines dozens of times, apparently just not getting it.

This one in at least 10 iterations, experimenting using various forum examples and well over 40 hours of labor has beaten me. Can’t get the spacing to match the timeline actions.

I know it needs to be linear as opposed to Ease In Out, but it will not change no matter how many times I set it. Thats another issue.

This particular file originated as a file downloaded from the Forum, unfortunately I no longer have a copy of the original. My original plan was to modify that file, putting my images in and resizing.

I remember it also had thumbnails which I eliminated since they did not match what I am looking for. Possibly they were what actually was supposed to control this sliding gallery?

I have looked at probably a half dozen forum galleries but they are all done using different methods of timeline event organization so I can’t say that I learned anything.

I am thinking there is something very basic that I am missing, but my brain is fried. Going to be working on this one for 5 cents an hour pay. LOL

If I understand what I saw in the original file, Scene pane, the duration of each transition was supposed to be .15 seconds relative and it showed a total timeline of 7.15 seconds with 16 thumbnails. Mine is 12 images totaling 5.15 seconds, but is that relevant since the clicks on the right and left arrows cause the motion. ? Or is the transition between images actually .5 seconds because thats what the timeline shows.

I know that if I manually drag the timeline, the images do not sync up with the individual .5 second events in the timeline. So what actually controls the events?

If I have to, I will stack them all, do a fade-out, fade in manually controlled with individual image small buttons, but I like what this effect is supposed to be. I know it started going wrong when i started modifying the original without really understanding what the original designers plan.

Does anybody recognize it or know how to help me with this one? I bet it is very simple to whoever did the original.

HELP! trying to attach a file, thought the “chain” was the link for attaching files? It just creates a new post. (1.6 MB)

Hi Ken!

I am not exactly sure what the final intended result is, but the main issue seemed to be the syncing of images to the timeline. The following Demo matches the images and the timeline. (1.6 MB)

I only saw one timeline so there did not seem to be a point to a having a relative timeline - it’s now a regular timeline - but it also works the same if set to “relative” in this Demo.

Eliminated the “Origin (Top)” property for the “Group” as it is not needed.

Also stripped out (2) “On Scene Load” actions (Scene Inspector) as they did nothing useful (in your version):

  1. “Go To Time in Timeline” (“0”) is automatically done when the project opens.
  2. “Pause Timeline” is already set in the Timeline Actions (at “0”).

Did not test or change the “Swipe Left” & “Swipe Right” settings ( Scene Inspector).

Timing function set to linear for “Origin (Left)” property. (Selecting both end points allows You to make a change.)

If this is not exactly what You were looking for then maybe it’s a starting point You can work from.

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Your fix works perfectly.

What is shows is that when you download another Hype users project that they so graciously uploaded for all of us to use (I dont remember whose it was, I changed the file name) the worst thing you can do is to go in and do rip and tear modifications without spending the time to see what the original developers modus operandi was.

Which is exactly what I did, and cost myself a LOT of time.

Impatience not a good thing. You would think that after all these years I would learn that.

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