Relative timeline problem

Hi !

I always have this problem with relative TM and overflow :

My basic example : an overflow action makes a square move left, then back when leaving. That works great when you do this slowly but when you do quickly (over and out, over and out…), the TM seems to loose its reference and the square stays there and never go back. Imagine this with multiple actions or buttons that are close together…

I put a very simple example, just try to quickly overflow the round shape in and out…

Relative TM (13.4 KB)

retry with ‘continue timeline’

You are right ! I thought I had tried unsuccessfully this solution but here it works fine. Thank you for helping !

no matter :slight_smile:

Hi again !

Would you just check this very simple test I made with two relative TM ? It is about the same issue…

2 squares : when you overflow one, it grows and the other shrinks… It works great when you are doing it slowly but just try to quickly switch from one to the other then it gets confused. I tries this with past projects but didn’t find the solution.

Thank you !


2 relative TM (13.9 KB)

hype uses standardevents for those may be bundling with touchevents.
so any weakness on this is due to standards and browserdifferences.

for example how often an event fires …

2 relative TM (13.3 KB)

Great ! I understood your solution. Thanks to your help, I am now able to bypass this problem… It is very kind of you to help me like that !

Have a nice day there !