Referring to timelines in different layouts

(Massimo Fiorentino) #1

Hi there,

I am creating a small responsive design where some elements fade in on the scene when loading up. Each layout then has a timeline animating these particular fades in regards to the different responsive sizes. But when looking at the site on a desktop, and resizing the browser window, the animations then start over for each time a new breakpoint is triggered.

I would like to avoid this by triggering a timeline action (or the like), telling my scene to jump to the end of these fade animations on each main timeline on each responsive layout, when it has been played once. But I cannot seem to refer to the timelines of other layouts, only different animation timelines locally, i.e. within the same layout.

Any idea how to do this?


(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2


may be set a global variable within html-head (var played = false)
this way you can check / set the status onload and react on it.

This said, why not use persistant symbols. as default they’ll play once … if i remember this right …

(Massimo Fiorentino) #3

The problem with persistent symbols is that if I resize or position any element within them, then it gets reflected on all breakpoints doing unwanted stuff.

But the variable might be a thing to try out. Thanks.

(stephen) #4

If you put your animations inside of a persistent symbol (even if you don’t put that symbol on the other layouts) the symbols main timeline will only play once. So you could potentially have a different persistent symbol on each layout. That said, the javascript solution may be simpler.

(Massimo Fiorentino) #5

Thanks. Yes, I guess the variable thing is easier. It just seems counterintuitive that you can refer to a different timeline in your scene, but not in a layout in the same scene. A feature request perhaps? :smile: