Real Mobile Swiping between Scenes

Looking to add real mobile swiping between scenes. By real, i mean that you see live dragging of the current and inbound scenes.

Jonathan had eluded to the fact that there was code written back in May to support this feature. Has it made it into the release?

The feature has not been released yet.

It would be easy enough to fake have the starting frames of scene one and scene three to the left and right of scene two, then animate the drag on a timeline. When the drag animation ends have it jump to scene three (or whatever). You can have narrow draggable fields (transparent rectangles) at the right and left edges. Otherwise, you could create an invisible stage-sized draggable rectangle that is placed outside the stage and jumps in at the last frame of the scene.

To add to @TYancy, you could potentially have persistent symbols as part of this drag as well.