Re: Saving Maggie post (Animation Gallery)

With the Saving Maggie interactive comic project , this is an instance where the nested project idea mentioned last year would have been useful - speeding up loading by having a separate project-wide timeline that contains unlimited scenes, plus having content (such as audio content) that is not limited by scene durations.

This is the approach that AfterEffects takes, in which you can nest compositions (scenes) within compositions. Not only can you have the content of the scenes running, but they can overlap and each nested composition can be treated as a normal object that can be manipulated — filtered, masked, and animated independently of its content (for example, have the scenes rotate on a carousel, like a gallery, use one scene as an animated looping background that can be placed behind multiple scenes as the scenes themselves animate along a path, etc.

I am not discounting nesting documents, but will generally point out that Symbols and Persistent Symbols is the general solution for this.

Of course.

A side-issue is loading. The Maggie example could easily be broken into many more scenes for faster loading (I counted out a 27 second load time for that one). Question: Do symbols allow for continuous audio across scenes? Bearing iOS in mind, is it possible to autoplay audio without requiring a tap?

If you use the built-in audio support in Hype, yes. Audio plays at the hype document level - changing scenes won’t stop audio.

If you use a technique like making an <audio> element yourself I do not recommend putting that element within the Scene’s container and instead don’t add it to the DOM or add it at a higher level.

It is impossible to autoplay audio in Mobile Safari. I think the last time someone found a loophole was iOS 5.

This is of course not the case for iOS apps using a WebView; they can be configured to autoplay.

iOS 10 does allow autoplaying videos, but they must be muted or have no audio tracks.