Rag Doll Physics

Is there is a way to tie objects together, but still retain individual movements with the physics engine. Like a stick guy made of round head separate limbs, Tied together… But has that rag-doll look when it is moved around? I guess another way of saying it is… anchoring objects together, with different weights.


I have seen this in Matter.js

Click on the chains dropdown in the demo.

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@nick is correct, Matter.js, which is the framework Hype uses for Physics supports constraints which can do this. We don’t currently have support to expose these constraints or present a UI for them, but it is a pretty popular request and we’re excited about what would be possible to do so! (Sorry, can’t make specific promises on feature requests or timetables).


Hi Jonathan, I was looking for this feature myself now, since I need it in an application. Are there any news on this?

No news at this time, sorry!