Puzzle drop, does not work in Chrome, in Safari, yes

Hello, could you support me with this dynamic for the app for children with disabilities?
It is the puzzle, of the template of this forum. It works very well in Safari, but not in Chrome, it is the second dynamic I do.
I will greatly appreciate your help.


Can you help us with a puzzle?.

Which puzzle are you refering to?.

Hi, I mean this, and this is the one I'm doing.
But it doesn't work on the web.


Send file

Thank you very much in advance.

siluetas puzzle.hype.zip (1.5 MB)


few incidentals:

  • you should use the latest version of the script
  • you should enable the polyfill on the head
  • please do not animate a dropfield on drop

regarding those changes the file works here.
the livelink you provided ends up in 404, so i could not have a look.

in case you're embedding using only the divs, please consider to add the links to the js-libraries too ... otherwise nothing will happen :slight_smile:

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You're right, sorry, I send the correct link.

I take the opportunity to ask:

  1. How can I update the JavaScript?

  2. It also happens that an image is shared Bucket, and that should not be. How to make it a piece of the puzzle and not enter another, because in my case with pieces of the same size.

  3. I did not understand this point (I am not a programmer, sorry).


Thank you very much Hans.

please try ...

siluetas puzzle vers.hype.zip (630.4 KB)


Hans, thank you very much, you are a godsend for this project for children with disabilities.
Here you can see all the dynamics we have done, many inspired by this forum.

Could you help me not to get into another box, but only the one that corresponds to it?

I hug you Hans

should fix this ...

Thank you very much.
I am happy...